Language Note of the Week 27

Some typographical niceties today:

1) Don’t use two apostrophes (‘’…’’) instead of quotation marks (“…”).

2) Make sure your quotations marks face in the right direction – i.e. that they are looking at the quoted text.
This is wrong: ”quoted text.”
This is not: “quoted text.”

3) Use the tab key to indent; do not hit the space-bar eight times.

4) Keep your spacing standardized. If you use a single space after a period, do it all the time. If you use two spaces after a period, use…

5) Put the footnote/endnote AFTER the period, not before. (Click the link below for a better visual indication of this tip.)

All Language Notes of the Week are available at:

(Skupno 10 obiskov, današnjih obiskov 1)
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