The Thinking Approach to language teaching and learning – TA

A piece of news for anyone thinking about “The Thinking Approach to language teaching and learning – TA”:

For the past 15 years the TA team has been developing an approach to language teaching and learning that allows for an integrated development of language and thinking skills (The Thinking Approach to language teaching and learning – TA). Nowadays the TA is being used in many European countries and has trained over 500 teachers across Europe. You can find more details about the TA here: (description of the approach and materials for teachers of English) (a community of teachers using the approach) (materials for family learning based on the approach)

A residential week long TA course for language teachers will take place in Riga in March 2013. This course is included in the official catalogue of the European Commission, therefore all costs associated with the course can be covered by an EU grant (including travel and accommodation). Detailed information about the course, including feedback from the previous course participants, can be found here:

This is a link to the course page in the EU catalogue where you can also see the preliminary course programme:

The deadline for the EU grant application is 17 September. The applications are to be sent to the National Agency of the applicant’s country. The list of the Agencies can be found here:

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