Language/Writing Tip 29

The author and punctuation.

1) Instead of “the author,” just write the author’s name.

E.g. NOT “The author’s novel…” but “Hemingway’s novel…”

Two more details:
i) remember, in literature papers, to avoid Slovenian-style initials – NOT “C. Dickens” but “Charles Dickens” or just “Dickens”
ii) “author” sounds odd in visual arts. Picasso was a painter.

2) If your quotation has sentence-ending punctuation, there’s no need to add another period.

“And then,” Sally exclaimed, “I ran to the waterfall!”. (sic)

Larry asked, “So what?”. (sic)

On a similar note, if your sentence doesn’t end, chop the sentence-ending punctuation:

“This is the end.” (sic) is how the song starts.

The rest of the tips are available at:

(Skupno 39 obiskov, današnjih obiskov 1)
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